Benefits & Reasons to Donate:

  • The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Inc. is unique, presenting audiences with a combined conservation, cultural, education and entertainment program like no other.
  • Your donation helps advance the WCFF mission to continue to inform, engage and empower audiences that the protection and preservation of the world’s natural habitat and wildlife is essential to the survival of our planet and humanity.
  • Responsible stewardship to protect the world’s forests, oceans and other habitats protects the natural beauty of our planet and does much more. It also provides clean air, drinking water, medicine, food supply and resources that humanity depends upon for survival. A clean and healthy environment makes a better workplace, with healthy, happy employees that stimulate and increase productivity to the world’s economy.
  • Without education, the current trend of abuse toward the environment will continue. The world’s ecosystems will collapse due to over fishing, deforestation, illegal hunting and pollution. The global economy will deteriorate and eventually collapse affecting the employment of billions. WCFF works to arrest this trend.
  • As an example: over 800 million people across the world rely on seafood as their primary food source. However, at present 70% of the worlds fisheries are fully or over exploited. If these trends continue, the world’s fisheries will be commercially depleted within the next decade, with deleterious effects on the global economy.
  • Conversely, a healthy ecosystem with protected habitat and species can employ  millions of people across the globe indefinitely.
  • Your tax deductible contribution will be your legacy to help insure the world is a better place for yourself, your children and generations to come.
  • The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival is fiscally sponsored by Animal Fund, Inc. a 501(c)3 established in 1972. (EIN #23-7237862)
  • Your donations will be accepted by Animal Fund on our behalf, and are fully tax-deductible.


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