Executive Committee
Christopher J. Gervais
Founder, President & CEO
Christopher is an environmental scientist and has graduate studies in marine biology and vertebrate paleontology. He worked as a field researcher, laboratory scientist and teacher at multiple natural history museums to put himself through his college years. Christopher’s first job out of college was a biology teacher and later as an administrator, at the time he was the youngest Principal for a public school in the state of Florida.While a graduate student, Christopher conducted fieldwork and research to study the Pleistocene Mega fauna fossils that were deposited over 10,000 years ago. His study of these extinct species informs his concerns for preserving biodiversity and was a significant factor in the founding of the WCFF. Christopher was one of the first scientists to conduct underwater vertebrate paleontology research. He is a professional, advanced scuba diver with over 2,500 logged dives.Christopher founded the WCFF in 2010 using his life savings to get the organization off the ground and maintain the operations since the WCFF was created. He is a philanthropic supporter of conservation organizations across the globe.He is President of the International Exploration Society (IES), Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, member of the Ocean Geographic Society, friend of American Philosophical Society and a Board Member of the Pet Philanthropy Circle.
Larry McClenney
A lifelong conservationist, Larry has worked for the National Park Service as an educator for over 25 years. His commitment to education, science and natural history includes work with the Academy of Natural Science over a 20 year span and also the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology where he served as the Volunteer Coordinator. Larry is a specialist with non-profits, particularly focused on conservation and education.
Emerson Wen Bio
Emerson Wen
Marketing Director
Emerson is a marketing and design professional with over 14 years of experience in the corporate sector. He has also worked with many startup firms and non-profits, such as the International Rescue Committee, where he created a grants and contracts handbook helping small non-profits in developing countries to obtain funding. He was also responsible for many marketing and outreach implementation work for many other small NGOs and startups.Emerson has an MBA from Cornell University and was an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute Fellow. He also has a BA in Computer Imaging and Digital Arts from University of Maryland.

WCFF Volunteers

Lillian Adair, Administrative Executive
Crystal Crown, Newsletter Editor
Gabrielle Barber
Kelly-Anne Edgar
Alan & Wendy Kaplan
Kate Findlay-Shirras
Elizabeth Mortensen
Leah Wersebe
Chelsea Skojec
Valentina Peric


Advisory Committee
The development and success of the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, Inc. is due in part to the guidance and support to our Advisory Board.
These individuals are among the leaders within the wildlife conservation and film industries.
 Dr-EO-Wilson-Bio fabien-cousteau-bio Elizabeth Desiree Bio sylvia-earle-Bio
Dr. E. O. Wilson Pulitzer Prize Winning Author, Biologist and Conservationist Fabien Cousteau
Author, Environmentalist and Filmmaker
Elizabeth Desiree
Actress & Wildlife Conservationist
Dr. Sylvia Earle
Author, Aquanaut Explorer & Oceanographer
David-E-Guggenheim-Bio Jaguars Ashok Khosla Bio Ron Magill Bio
Dr. David Guggenheim
Founder & President, Ocean Doctor and Director of Cuba Conservancy
Andrea Heydlauff
Vice President of Panthera
Dr. Ashok Khosla
Former Director of UNEP and IUCN, Advisor to WCU and Club of Rome
Ron Magill
Wildlife Conservation Expert & Photographer
john-martin-Bio Mittermeier Bio Ian Redman Bio Clare Bio
John Martin
Video Producer & Director, Conservation International
Dr. Russell A. Mittermeier
President, Conservation International
Ian Redmond
Author, biologist, Ambassador for United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
Clare Richardson
President & CEO of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International
stan-waterman Bio Christopher-Bio  Hood-Wright-052411-0022
Stan Waterman Marine Filmmaker & Conservationist Christopher J. Gervais Conservationist, Entrepreneur, Explorer, Filmmaker & Philanthropist Dr. Patricia C. Wright
Distinguished Professor in the department of Anthropology
at Stony Brook University. World’s foremost expert on lemurs.
 Dr. Birute’ Mary Galdikas
Primatologist & Founder of Orangutan Foundation International


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